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Anthem Of Jimi Rocketship

This song is by Squad Five-O and appears on the album Fight The System! (1998).

We roam the streets of
America.On a 30 gallon tank on the heels of a dream.Don't have much money or a good reputation.But things ain't always what they seem.I'm just a kid from the
USA.With a guitar and something to say.I'm hangin' out with
On a mission with a rock-n-roll anthem.Friends by my side our
God all around us.Music on the stereo the rhythm surrounds us.The rhythm of life the beat of eternal.Insecurities laid low 'cause we're all in together.We roam the streets of
America.On three hours of sleep and some
Dew.We don't have much except each other.And a song of hope and a grip on the truth.

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