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The Prisoner (Eight By Ten)

This song is by Spring and appears on the album Spring (1971).

The dripping taps unnerving stare
Conducting songs I'll never share
Cross my mind
Accompaniment to a charred Kettles whine
Is a cold and real awesome sign
I still Find.

Friends aren't waiting
Or concerned in
My returning.

Winters frost turns my fingers white;
Fog that stirs and blurs my sight.
Shrouds the Town
The darkened shadow to whom I talk
As catacomb like streets I walk
Weigh me down.

Earths illuminated centuries
Can't enlighten penetentiaries.

Dropping coins that seem to laugh
The morning's milk guards the Path
Shows the sign
Eight by Ten on the second floor
Fumes that creep beneath the door
End my time.

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