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Inside Out

This song is by Spring and appears on the album Spring (1971).

You can't deceive me, cast in your changing role,
For false impressions, that you give
Don't make me beg at your door
Don't lead me on anymore.

You once said of life, it's similar to the game
But all I say is when you play
Only stick on this rule
Don't play a friend for the fool.

Inside out, there is no doubt
Which ever way, you choose.
You might win anything
But you'll have no friends to lose.

I've tried suggesting, that you might show a change
And considering the way you have been
Would it be a bad idea
To smile a while
Instead of sneer.

Tomorrow is the first day, of the rest of your life
So you'd better plan
To start anew
And analyse the things you do
Before your friends turn on you.

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