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Live From 2009

This song is by Spose and appears on the album We Smoked It All Mixtape (2009).

Live from 2009
Got astounding thymes for your pals in line
You wanna blaze and freestyle? That sounds divine
Up in York County, Maine, you are bound to find
Spose, big-ass nose, not around dimes
I been to Bang Bros about a thousand times
I think all your songs sound asinine
Is this the rap scene I'm supposed to galvanize??
Never done that but I'm down to try
My off-the-top shit left crowds surprised
To the big drug dealer with a pound to buy
I got an eighth of the mersh from my town supply
Most rap careers here get floundered down drains
Now found around fame, renowned around Maine
But me, I'm the show-stealing concert burglar
I'll make your head Bob like Discount Furniture
Ryan you will try to be, see me, you'll lie to me
You'll love me to my face, hate on me when you Bounce like dryer sheets
Unfulfilled dreams? They've got my self-esteem
Lower than my credit score, yet my metaphors gleam
Rap? I'm the Neosporin for it
Watch me kick it like Chuck Norris
With the brokest and the poorest
Never focused on a chorus
Living life boring? That's foreign to me
Who else was born in M-E with albums warmly received?
Riddle me that
In the Wells, M-E, S-P-O-S-E
We smoked it all, motherfucekr

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