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​Fuck I Look Like

This song is by Sporty Thievz.

When is you birds gonna learn that lemme is not hot
Can I have locked up bitch and gimme got shot
Man they got me on that bullshit
That buy me this, I need that bitch bullshit
And still fuck
Bet you see me wit a slut she a eight and better
Gettin' straight dick and baby still waitin for chedda
This one broad my lord, I be hatin' I met her
She took it in every hole, for a disney face and a sweater
Never beat around the bush I get straights to the point
Directly after this we goin' straights to the joint
And I don't wanna fuck, listen I'm goin' straghts dome
Abd after the 1st nut ma, you straights goin' home
I get crazy head, on the crazy reg.
She say my dick thick like a baby leg
Let it bump for my dogs that rock coupes and trucks
And if you bitches gets mad again to bad fuck it

Why I gotta do this and why I gotta do that
If I don't do this you talkin' 'bout you wack
Why we gotta go here, why we can't go there
If we don't go here, bitch, we ain't goin' nowhere
Fuck I look like
(Oh love oh love stop makin' a fool of me)

Why you can't buy me a drink, buy me a mink
Pay for my link, pay for my rent
Pay for my cab, atleast go half
Throw me som cash, throw me some ass
Fill my belly, wit shrimp and spaghetti
Take me to the telly, let me use your celly

Take me to the movies, take me to bloomi's
Buy me some jewelry, buy me some coogi
Buy me a coupe, feed me some fruits
Buy me some suits, buy me some boots
Pay for my cut, fuck when I wanna fuck
Lick me up, why don't you pick me up
Why don't you meet me here, and meet me there
Pay my fair, pay for my beer
Pay my phone, pay for my loans
Make me moan, take me home

What I look like, buyin you some nikes
U can have a wing and my chicken fried rice
Let me get your number, u look like a keeper
Oh you tried to play me, and gave me the beeper?
Wit ya reebok pump, ol school sneakers
Plus it was dark, man, I coudnt really peep her
She said nigga ain't you fuckin' with my friend meka?
I cut that bitch off 'cause she wanted me to treat her
And why you lyin', talkin' bout u a virgin
Two days ago, yo, I heard you was burnin
I heard you was suckin nigguz off in the vernon
Buffin and slurpin, bockin and burpin
Girls ay eww, why you always dis us
U makin' all deez nigguz wanna go against us
Cause you want me to buy then its bye bye bye
Ladies all I want to know is why why why?