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Goodbye Atlantis

This song is by SpongeBob SquarePants.

Good-bye Atlantis
But we really have to go
Back to a little town that is the greatest place I know

Back to Bikini Bottom
I can hardly wait
But what about the treasure
It was really great

I love Bikini Bottom
It's where my Gary is
But Atlantis had that science stuff
At which I was a whiz

Soon I'll see the Krusty Krab
Where I'm happily employed
But Atlantis had the old bubble
Which I cruelly destroyed

You can't beat Bikini Bottom
No place is so nice
But Atlantis was a fabulous artistic paradise
Sorry, Squidward but it's the end of our Atlantean vacation
And back to my depressing life of quiet desperation

Good-bye Atlantis
We're Bikini Bottom bound
Please turn this bus around

We had our fun (We sure did)
But now we're done (And I'm bummed)
We're on our way (Can't we stay?)
So no we say good-bye
I think I'm going to cry

Good-bye Atlantis
We're Bikini Bottom bound
There's no place like home (There's no place like Atlantis)
I can't wait to

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