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When She's Gone

This song is by Spock's Beard and appears on the album Octane (2005).

I stand by the bed watching her sleep
Trouble in mind
Still waters run cloudy and deep
Down to the core of our small world
Sure as the sun burns under dawn
There comes a time

A time when the last straw breaks
A bad choice turns easy to make
When nothing seems quite right or wrong

When she's gone
Who won't believe
That she put me out of her dark misery
Bullets made of ice leave cold evidence
I can bury the rope but not the loose ends
When she's gone

We danced to the edge flirting with hell
When we turned back
She lost her way stumbled and fell far down
And she never looked up
Closing my eyes isn't enough
To ease her pain

Maybe I should turn and run
From what I have become
Maybe one day I'll be that strong

Is there another way out
Look back to the beginning again
Forget about where you've been
My sanity I will defend
The past has found the future
Latched on like a cancer

The past has found the future
Latched on like a cancer
There is no answer, there is no strategy


Music by:

Boegehold, D'Virgilio & Meros

Lyrics by:

Boegehold, D'Virgilio & Meros

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