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The Love Songs of B. Douglas Wilson

This song is by Splitsville and appears on the album The Complete Pet Soul (2001).

Catch a wave, it makes you feel like flying
And you're never coming down
Making records and the kids are buying
California summer sound

Never learned to say no (x4)

Teenage sockhops, lovers on the dance floor
Will you be true to your school?
Cars and girls are what the fellas live for
And the music's always cool

Never learned to say no (x4)

Now you're old, old
And all of your records are gold
You'll be who we want you to be
You have measured out life with your tunes, tunes

When I hear that song I feel like crying
Well it's always in my head
If I wake up and don't feel like trying
Should I spend my life in bed?

Never learned to say no (x8)

Surf's up again (repeat and fade)

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