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Stuck In The Stratagy

This song is by Split Prophets and appears on the album The Scribbled Thoughts EP (2011).

As I walk out my house and place feet on the pavement
Debating, on which hard path to partake in
Cause were all just the same thing
Some look to change things
Others just stay the same, there
Chained to the waste they were raised in
A place with a statement
In part complacent, incarcerated
It's blatant, no one seems to see it
Were living in a prison with the vision of the freest
Democracy's hipocracy properly got us seeing
Life like were free human beings
But I'm still seeing
Tramps in the streets that we be in
When we're too pissed for seeing
Proper 2D vision
Licked off that liquor trick
Tricked to submission
Too pissed for the mission
Rinsing pricks if they're dissing
Hinting chicks to positions
With spiff intermissions
Got me laid back
I'm off track like a train crash
Wallow clips or hollowtips
And when I spit this, see the strange flash
Flicker of light and then your brain splats
Stained flats, bust draws and main gash
See my life is a strage mash of graff, beef, buds and bait gats
Don't waste facts

I'm just that little man, stuck in their strategy
They don't want me living happily and recently
I rapidly realised that they've been gradually trapping me
Terrorists in the news make you fear for your family
But seeing all this organised tragedy's got me scared for humanity
And I know it ain't the truth that they handle me
Can't you see what you're doing for vanity
So much wealth in this world yet, most are still living in poverty
Rich, Aristocrats on TV giving money to charity
As a novelty then drive back home to one of their five properties
We bow down to the scum of the earth
The whole world's gang-land, who's running the turf?
Stuck in the system from birth to hearse, when you search the dirt
Is this curse really worth the work?
When in the end which warheads first to burst?
Kill all life on this planet then revert the earth

What d'you know about poverty robbery

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