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Ain't Amused

This song is by Split Prophets and appears on the album The Scribbled Thoughts EP (2011).

I kill the silence
I'm 007 without the license
Running up on fools in the night
Giving them guidance
I'll get my message across without using violence,
I roll with titans
My crew's illler than most beside us, Hold tight
We can only get better, We never going back
Showing that we can go harder and most are flowin' wack
'Cause I'm throwin' cash
Or spittin' shit I hope you choke on crap
You know it's that kid, the potent chap
Wrote a track, Aim to flame like I'm flowin' gas
Goin' fast, overheat and I'll blow
Exploding the frozen cats
I'll ride the rhythm till I broke his back
Leave you dead like a donkey
Led on the road that's passed you hopeless ass
Our poles will clash and leave you loners wack
Every bar I spoke was fact
It's so basic that if you're dope, I'm crack
The next level above so don't meddle with us
'Cause we come with the specialist stuff.

There's something in the way that you speak,
I hear that you're fake
And it's so obvious to see when you spray
That this ain't for you
There's something in the way that we spit
Something that's sick
And you can't change it, so I guess it's a shame
If you ain't amused.

(Hi Res)
I got a whole lotta shit up in my head
And plus a whole load of things that keep me thinking in my bed
Maybe it's the weed keeping me from my sleep
But my dreams are too deep so the best way to be is red
Tryin' to find a high plain of peace and rest
Lose any night life I'm wheezy chest
Need the S, free from weed is bless?
Peace to everybody growing trees
You see I wanna raise my seeds in a city where they notice these
Hopefully, new world order won't open these tight gates
To open seas of information, openly
I'm open to immigration emigrate
Overseas cause this floating rocks' locked and they broke the key
But what's a life supposed to be?
We're supposedly free but there's laws that a joke to me
Half the world starves, and people vote on cheese
This is no joke I hope their throat chokes when they notice me
I've been trouble since the ovary
So don't act like you know the me that lurks in the park
Till he's over-lean and only walks home when the solar beams.

I raise the roof with a crane if you ain't rating us
Spit flames, how could you say that we ain't dangerous?
Demolish beats with a bar that could take the weight of trucks
Hate on us, why? 'Cause you're wack, you ain't as great as us
Everybody knows it's true, that's why your face is upset
Living life without a meaning is a tough test
You thought your music career would have touched jets
But you're falling short of success
We're bringing hip hop that's real that could be
The start of something that's over-big, supernova spits
Go skits, I blow your flow to bits
Many people say they holdin' clips, must be shooting man that don't exist
You ain't a gangster, don't take a gangster to notice this
Evolve with scripts until I long for it
My souls equipped with a potion that's mixed to leave you motionless
Don't attack most of our cliques, cold like the ocean is
Still wantin' beef? I hit you with my pen and all I wrote with it.

You're just magicians with no magic tricks
Acting as if you sick with adjectives
I've had it with half of this land jam-packed with talentless rapping kids
You don't have a gift as sad as it is
Time to put the mic back on the stand as man I'm savage at this
Handing in scripts enough to make you shit like my pen was dipped in laxatives
You're the meaning of what plastic is
And I hate it so much that I wrote a track for it
There's something drastic about to happen to all you Rasta kids
But you made your decisions, you gotta cope with it
Gotta problem, best to go overseas and see that Oprah bitch
Cause no one cares here
Even if the fare's dear
Even if the plane crashes
Despite reality you stay plastic
You say you're truthful in your bars but you fake
What we stay is classic
You say you're huge but in all actually you ain't massive
So step away from the mic, we could gauge damage.

(Hi Res)
I speak dot-to-dot poetry
Beaten bar symmetry
Speaker spark literally
Doctor Spock space topic imagery
Isn't me
In the seed is the key to the growth of my figure see
Hope doesn't mirror me
I'm in a deep situation
Same day, different week
Brain stained like a fiends' sheets
I need peace, sick on waiting on the green sheets
Lean teens hustle till they knee deep
Struggle for a clean streak
Muscle doesn't beat beef
In this tussle with the trouble mustn't sleep
Keep up or the beasts feasts skeets and beefs the sheep fleece
They keep the peace brief and pieces each streets
Too cold to defreeze
You wanna know me? Come bun a little tree
Like a fiend, sick of nicotine
Slip the knickers off
And hit the beans, bitter dreams
Got my body clock
On a knot
Stop ticking see
I'm buzzin' like a killer bee
Trained in artillery
Precision word bombing
Pick the victim and I'll finish he

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