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Table For Two

This song is by Spit Syndicate and appears on the album Exile (2010).

I could really be the one, I could be the talk, I could make them listen,
But you won't get a day back if you crash and you burn, hear the tick, tick, tick?,
I could be the one to follow, I could piggyback a few with me man,
Hit me back if you with me man here today gone tomorrow, right on,
I swear to god I can see me there, sitting way up top,
They ain't gonna hand you a chair,
I don't need anybody's help look how far I walked alone,
But can't you see that you made it home 'cause you followed everybody else,
But the fan's say I take the weight off, and that's gotta count for something,
Oh aren't you a role model the city's still tryna take your paint off,
Won't you get, get, going, I'm tryna find myself here but I'm worried 'bout my welfare,
'Cause I get get get home and I set my table for two

See when the day falls to night, and I'm out of everybody's sight
There's a place that I go (we can go), only me and myself know (god I hope they don't know)
They sell water or wine, but I'm in two minds/(try to make out I'm fine, but I'm out of my mind)
Thinking what am I to do (so I leave just like you), so I set my table for two
(So between me and you... table for two)

She could really be the one 'cause I let her talk and she let me listen
But I won't get a day back if we crash and we burn, hear the tick tick tick?
She could be the one to call on but, I ain't tryna give her all of it
We could just cloud nine for the time, wait, think about the fall I've got
She could give me what I want and more, but I kinda want my life as is
She could take me on a trip somewhere, but I don't really want the baggage
She could talk with me she could fix it
She could walk, she could keep her distance
I could fall, I could fall victim
Jimmy think about all the fish in the sea
As I'm walking home and I ain't here with no one
But a million me's speaking telling me to keep going'
I'm tryna find myself here but I'm worried 'bout her welfare
And I'm all alone still I set my table for two

I don't want you round no more 'cause I ain't said a thing,
I ain't entertaining anybody but my own thoughts
Kinda like a three way phone call when I smoke now
Like I'ma get fit, come and drink get smoked out
Come to think of it I'm heading home now and if I can take my own route I'll be all right
And for the most part I'm fine, there's no black and white moon walking through the room in my mind
And the stars look much brighter, I can feel a change in the breeze
As I reach for my keys, I can see a light on inside
I thought I said to never ever come back, they said we don't even have a choice
Meet psy, meet cotic, meet P, meet noid, meet me and the boys
And as I reach for my chair I can look at myself and stare... Welcome to my table for two.

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