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See Me Now

This song is by Spit Syndicate.

Yeah, all right.
On the brink pourin' drinks into my new cup,
Hoping time will tell, before my time is up,
But one would be nice, so I don't stay inside too much,
The confines of my mind, can't find true love.

Verse One
Still I walk - round these low lit lanes like you don't miss,
Scared of the open road, I lose focus,
Crowd of a thousand eyes, I'm tryin' to get you to notice,
Someone's saying it's hopeless,
Some days I psych myself up to call my dad,
Never had someone I could call my dad,
I ain't even have a home phone in the pad,
I called on myself when all turned bad,
Fame gave me the start and still I pay homage,
Imagine if he never called that radio office,
And I'm a writer, open mic - a train hfopper,
Find solace in the cloak of night, like grave robbers.

And I'm off to a few, get invited,
High by the clouds with a few with the lightnin',
Every time we fight you tell me I'm just like 'im,
Listen wit'cha heart, baby close both eyes,
Can you see me now?
Can you see me now?
Your welcome, One day.
Can you see me now? X2
Listen with your heart baby, close both eyes, can you see me now?

Verse Two
Do you remember me? Still here where I left ya,
Can't seem to switch direction, always seem to come up short,
Even though we had the best intentions,
White knuckles from the fist he's clenchin',
Tellin' me she heard enough, If you don't like the answers I got for ya,
Well maybe you should ask different questions,
I heard they fell out wit' they label,
No radio play, been unstable,
Maybe wit' they time been wasteful,
Let me break it down kid, get a plateful,
Nick and Jimmy, them kids from the Syndicate,
We bringin' it back for the faithful,
No rhyme could capture how grateful,
But you can this tape- get a faceful,

Still I show no signs of relentin', plus I got no time for repentin',
Maybe its destined, shit I'm a couple years shy of an intervention,
Shed it off like rights in detention, cigarette lighter to the bed springs,
Now that I got your attention, light from the insurrection,
Can you see me now? X2
One day.
Can you see me now?
Listen with your heart, baby close both eyes, can you see me now?

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