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Parallel Lines Never Separate

This song is by Spirogyra and appears on the album Bells, Boots And Shambles (1973).

The lights were high and burning
The room was filled up with men
Some playing cards for higher stakes
Some looking into telescopes pointed within them

Be with me
It's you and me
I feel you're on my side
Be my space
A trace of lace
A face that's near to mine

They're going back, they've had it
They're slipping up on their ends
These foolish men with eyes of ice
A culmination of things that were never inevitable

Be my wing
My everything
My platform to the sky
Be my gem
A star for them
Upon the other side

I'm caught on a cloud
Feeling mortified
I'm floating away
A stranger with no eyes
A loser with no ties
A laughter rings

With plenty to do
I never would complain
Feet losing the ground
I'm always out of time
I always miss the line
That doesn't count

But oh no, no, no no
Why must I always be far away,
Gone astray, caught like a bubble in the wind?

They took him away
They said that he was bad
He told them the truth
They said he had to pay
They said he couldn't stay
They always choose

But oh no, no, no
Why must I always be far away,
Gone astray, acting like traitors trapped in time?


Written by:

Martin Cockerham.

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