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Magical Mary

This song is by Spirogyra and appears on the album St Radigunds (1971).

Magical Mary
She looks like a fairy
And waves her wand around
Points at an earthman and says Hallelujah
Just look at what I've found
At what I've found

Magical Mary
She shivers her timbers
And lays you on the ground
Strikes up a rhythm in fifty two tempo
And says hey man your found
Hey man you're found

I gotta come with you
I gotta come with you
Got got to, got got to
I gotta come

Madrigal Mistress has seventy sisters
And every one's the same
They come with assistance
To break your resistance
And man your brained
You're like to wind up maimed

I gotta come with you
I gotta come with you
Got got to, got got to
I gotta come

Don't ask me no questions
Don't ask me no questions
I got to, got got to
I gotta come

Always the same, I don't know how you do it
Just a game, no matter how you view it
Always the same
You're gonna be alone, you're gonna need someone
You're gonna find it hard to get yourself a man
Whose gonna take your hand, or even understand
Just what you're into.

Mr Brown, he thought he'd found salvation
Using words to try to calm the nation
What a shame
He didn't have a notion how to use the lotion
Gotta spread it thin to give each one a portion
Gotta make it clear they're gonna get a portion
So's they're happy

Always the same, you never seem to falter
Make a slip, you'll have me at the altar
Never mind, it doesn't matter much
Because you've got the touch
You've really got it made
You're gonna make the grade
And you can try your hand
Another time around
That's if you want to


Written by:

Martin Cockerham.

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