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Album by Spirogyra.
  1. Turn Again Lane
  2. Bring Me Back
  3. She's the One
  4. Nothing to Hide
  5. Where There's a Will There's a Way
  6. I Gotta Woman
  7. Counting the Cars
  8. We're Going Over
  9. Mackerels and Fishes
  10. Defender of the Faith
  11. Hey Lady
  12. Sing It Simple
  13. The Forest of Dean
  14. A Northern Lament
  15. Jerusalem
  16. I Hear You're Going Somewhere (Joe Really)
  17. Burn the Bridges


  • Martin Cockerham: guitar, vocals
  • Barbara Gaskin: vocals; piano on Bring Me Back
  • Julian Cusack: violin, piano
  • Steve Borrill: bass
  • Paddy Goymour: spoken intro on Northern Lament
  • Pete Ball, Max Hole, Steve Borrill: additional vocals on Forest of Dean
  • Stan Sulzman: flute on I Hear You're Going Somewhere
  • John Boyce: cello on I Hear You're Going Somewhere
  • Dave Mattacks: drums on I Hear You're Going Somewhere

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