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An Everyday Consumption Song

This song is by Spirogyra and appears on the album Bells, Boots And Shambles (1973).

I asked him to take me upstairs where the music was loud
He said things have changed, I'm consumed, I belong to the crowd

My life's an echo
Where do I stand in relation to you
And the world spins round
They say the world spins round
Am I alive?

And my head spins round
I say my head spins round
I've been confined

Feelings defying description are troubling me
I'm in a vacuum, a nameless statistical sea

My life's a number
Seeking a factor to treble its value to
Three times three
Equals the point where there's
Maximized me

Three blind mice
At an amazing price
Come here and see

Here with the swingers
I never make it
I'm out of date

My life is useless
Rupert refuses
To be my friend

We will think of you
Think of you

Rupert's gone funny
He's got a boyfriend
I'm out of place

Faces keep changing
Nothing is stable
I've lost the race

We will think of you
Think of you


Written by:

Martin Cockerham.

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