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This song is by Spiritfall.

Complicate my complication but I just don't know
Interpreting my interpretation
On the direction my life must go
Throwing my pride into the fire you're fueling my shame
It's part of me that I never did like
But its something I just can't

You seal your own fate
You ignite my shame
To you it's a game
Fallout of my way

Atomic nuclear fusion too late to change
Explosion of my confusion end of my pain
Quicksand I'm sinking deeper and I can't get out
Someday I'll rise above you someway somehow

I cannot take your place I miss seeing your face
What's with this torn in my side that I can't get out
I cannot take to your place
I miss feeling your hand in mine
What's with this torn in my side
That I can't get out
I can't get out

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