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Pin-Up Boy

This song is by Spirit of the West and appears on the album Two Headed (1995).

It's too, it's too bright in here
It's way too bright in here
With a staple gun and a can of paste
We'll paper the streets with your face
Wall to wall, pole to pole
Let the welcome wagon roll
We will manage your exposure
Press release with full disclosure
Holding back the front page for
The face that locked a thousand doors now you're a...

...Pin-Up Boy, ooh a pin-up boy
Recognized in every bar
Every playground, every car

I'm out of alignment pulling right
A contradiction in this fight
I have two wheels running on the shoulder
All a part of getting older

Should I keep at the foot of my children's bed
Teeth on a leash kept underfed
They're raising a racket at the rifle range
I've half a mind to take my aim at the...

Pin-up boy, ooh pin-up boy
Up in arms and growing bolder
Every citizen a soldier
The Pin-Up boy, aww pin-up boy
Believe the hype and the attention
Necks grow red at every mention

You, (yes you) I saw you on the air (yes you)
Crying it's not fair (yes you)
Camera's here and everywhere
For you (yes you) and all the time you've done (yes you)
Will ease the minds of none (yes you)
Your sentencing has just beguuuuuun ooh ooh yah

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