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Expensive / Cinema Of Pain

This song is by Spirit of the West and appears on the album Labour Day (1988).

I'll take a stand for truth and justice
Then line you up against the wall
Loyal people gather 'round me
Until someone points the finger, then alone I fall
I can make you rise in anger
Or watch your anger rise and swallow me
I'm the bane of your existence
Or the come true of your perfect dream

There's a cinema of pain
Now showing in my mind
The price of admission is to relive
The mistakes I left behind
And that's a cost I cannot bear

I'm the framed upon your desk
Or the cartoon with your morning tea
I'll take flowers from a child's hand
Bullets from a twisted man -my penalty
I can make a promise that I'll never keep
As well as I can keep a promise never made
I can hide behind a wall of words
Or stand tall and call a spade a spade

I can bend the truth to make me right
I can use it to defend
I can use it to attack, hide the fact
That the means don't justify the ends
I can flip a coin for wrong or right
Heads I wil and talkes you lose
That's the way I play: I choose the games
And then I make the rules

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