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Bellow (2003)Edit

Spiers And Boden - Bellow


  1. Prickle Eye Bush
  2. Courting Too Slow
  3. Dawn Chorus (instrumental)
  4. The Outlandish Knight
  5. Jiggerypokerwork/Haul Away/Seven Stars
  6. Go And Leave Me
  7. Jack Robinson/Argiers/Old Tom Of Oxford (instrumental)
  8. Copshawholme Fair
  9. Princess Royal/Cuckoo's Nest (instrumental)
  10. Brown Adam
  11. Ginger Up Lustily/Old Woman Tossed Up In A Blanket (instrumental)
  12. Sloe Gin (Frozen Gin/The Vinegar Reel/The Sloe) (instrumental)

Tunes (2005)Edit

Spiers And Boden - Tunes


  1. Sportsman's Hornpipe (instrumental)
  2. Monkey-Cokey: Cokey Hornpipe/Mexican Tent Jig/Monkey Hornpipe (instrumental)
  3. Old Lancashire Hornpipe/The 3rd Beekeeper (instrumental)
  4. Dee-Light: Banks Of The Dee/The Cuckoo/Queen's Delight
  5. Flapjacks & Firesticks/The Minor Rigged Ship (instrumental)
  6. Stony Steps Hornpipe (instrumental)
  7. Cuckoo's Nest (instrumental)
  8. Cheshire Waltz (instrumental)
  9. Fireside Polka/Rampant
  10. Union
  11. Dearest Dickie
  12. Blow The Winds: Holly's Reel/Blow The Winds High-o/The Pork Pie Polka
  13. The Shropshire Miner
  14. Trunkles
  15. Sportsman's Hornpipe (Slight Return) (instrumental)

Songs (2005)Edit

Spiers And Boden - Songs


  1. Bold Sir Rylas
  2. Old Maui
  3. Horn Fair
  4. Child Morris
  5. Innocent When You Dream
  6. Cruel Knife
  7. Derry Gaol
  8. On Christmas Day
  9. Doleful Dance Of Death
  10. Bill Brown
  11. Lucy Wan

Group Members Edit

  • John Spiers – Melodeon, Bandoneon, Concertina
  • Jon Boden – Fiddle, guitar

Related Artists Edit

  • Eliza Carthy (Spiers and Boden were session musicians on her album Anglicana.)
  • The Ratcatchers (Eliza Carthy's band, with whom Spiers and Boden toured.)
  • Bellowhead (Spiers and Boden are the frontmen for this 12-piece band which they brought together.)

The Devil's Interval

Other SongsEdit

  1. Flapjacks & Firesticks/The Minor Rigged Ship
  2. Flapjacks & Firesticks/The Minor Rigged Ship/The Minor Rigged Ship


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