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Minimum Wage

This song is by Spider Nick And The Maddogs.

When I started working I was only 16.
A sophomore in high school in t-shirt and jeans.
Hung out with my friends. I could never get a date.
I rented dirty movies and went home to masturbate.
I stayed out till all hours.
Walked up and down these streets.
Hoping that I had enough to get a bite to eat.

Got out of high school.
College was no good. Had to get a job.
And make enough for rent and food.
Spent it on the weekends going out to clubs.
The rest went to records, movies, girls, and drugs.
No bank account. Can't afford a car. Just enough
For dinner and a drink down at the bar.
A one bedroom apartment, looks more like a cage.
Now you know I'm working for minimum wage.

I'm working for minimum wage.
Now it's almost five dollars an hour.
What do I do when I'm not here on the stage?
I'm working for minimum wage.

When I was 19 I quit my only job.
Then I met a girl. Well, at least she had a car.
Shacked up together. Fighting all the time.
Spending all my money. I never had a dime.
Then one night we're talking, and I heard her say.
"Hey, guess what. I'm pregnant.
A child's on the way."
The price for abortion is just too high to pay.
I guess I'll go on welfare, then I'll get her spayed.

And now I'm older. Makes me wanna cry.
Credit cards and phone bills.
The rates are way too high.
I'll spend them to the limit. Then guess what I'll do?
Declare bankruptcy... now who's screwing who?

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