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Mango Shake

This song is by Spider Nick And The Maddogs.

Out! Out on the town I went to dinner
With the Wednesday Night Dining Club

Out! I took my cash out like a winner
I was hungry let me tell you bub

Now! I'm sitting down I got a menu
Would you like something to drink with that sir?

Yeah! I'll take the shake that's made of mango
Oh no! Sir you should be careful there!

I don't care what the people say
There are things you can't control
When the drama gets you there's no regret
Let your hair down and be whole!

I need a mango shake to make me jump and quake
Ain't no other drink can make my heart
Get up and sing.
Don't care how much it cost or where I gotta go
Don't care what stuff I gotta break!
Man, you know I need another mango shake!

Go! Go get my drink you better hurry
And he skidded out the room

Whoa! The look he gave was full of worry
The place got quiet as a tomb

Oh! This crazy drink it looks so wild
Like its got electric light inside!

Whoa! And my whole body is on fire
Just one sip and I'm Mister Hyde!

I don't know what to tell you folks
What it felt like just right then
But I knew for sure that the life I led
Would never be the same again!

Never the same again!

I! I don't remember how I got here
If I knew the tale you know I'd tell it

Try! Just give me time and I can figure
A way to get out of this prison cell and

Cry! Don't cry for me I took my chances
Rob a bank, steal a car, and then I'll

Fly! When I get out I'll get some money
Make my way home for a little while

You may think that my life is bad
'Cause I waste it on this stuff
But if it wasn't this it'd be something else
'Cause I can never get enough!

I can never get enough!

3X (Man, you know I need another mango shake)
3X (A mango shake!)

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