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Blowin' Smoke Rings

This song is by Spider Nick And The Maddogs.

I have a tale to tell,
And you should listen well
About a hungry thing,
A pretty ring,
That puts you in a spell.

It started with one puff.
I thought that I was tough.
A smoke ring just for fun.
I lit up one.
Now I can't get enough.

I kiss her filter tip.
The smoke ring leaves my lip.
Look at her roll around,
Without a sound,
She has me in her grip.

So this is how it starts.
Desire fills my heart.
See how the smoke is real,
And now I feel
It's tearing me apart!

See the orange glow?
You know I love it so.
Just watch it rise and curl.
She is a sexy girl.
I never had a chance.
A fiery romance.
My head begins to whirl.
I love to watch the smoke ring dance.

I started smoking cigarettes again,
Blowin' smoke rings!
And I thought that she would love me to the end,
Friendly smoke rings!
Now I know that love don't come inside a pack,
Pretty package.
And I, I can't feel my heart, my head,
And now I see it,
And I need it,
And I'm gonna
Do it till I'm dead!

I thought I had it licked
A habit I had kicked.
But now my fingers smell.
I feel like hell.
I have a nervous tic.

I have to quit again.
The whole damned thing again.
My hands will shake.
My head will ache.
And I'll be bitchy to my friends.

Thanks so much tobacco industry
For pushing all your lousy cigarettes on me.
The devil played his joke
And now I have to smoke.
I have to quit.
Now this is it.
(Why did I ever start to smoke?)

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