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Seven Nights

This song is by Speedway and appears on the album Save Yourself (2004).

If I had the time to teach you,
How I'd like to learn to reach you,
If I had the time to show you,
Then maybe I could get to know you.

It's hard to understand,
Why you continue to say you can't now baby.

Seven nights a week I lie and think about you,
Till I fall asleep and then I dream about you,
All day, all night, though I know I can't have you,
It's not fair, not right,
Won't stop me thinking about you,
Seven nights a week.

There are times when I get lonely,
Is it so hard for you to phone me,
I'm holding on but won't be here forever,
I'm just a girl who needs someone beside her.

I think that I deserve just a little bit of love now baby.

I think I'm wasting my time.

I think that the time has come when I,
Should put you out of my mind, can't lie,
It's not working 'cause all I've done is cry,
I can't hide, now there's no way I can say Bye Bye.

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