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Summer In Ponyville

This song is by Spectra.

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Winter has come and gone
But the rain keeps falling
The storms keep raging on
And I wish I could be
In the one true place
You'll ever find harmony

The sun shines down on me
The birds sing in the trees
My conscience feels redeemed
Everything so calm and still
I look around and see
Blue skies and gentle breeze
Yeah I've always dreamed
Of Summer in Ponyville

We can make it through
All the highs and lows
From the flames we rose again
And I know I can be free
When we find our way
We'll begin the day anew

When the colours turns to grey
When the sunshine fades away
When nothing's left for me
In this world
I close my eyes and pray
To venture there some day
'Cause Ponyville is a lovely place
And I'd really wanna live there

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