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Instant Weight Loss

This song is by Sparks and appears on the album Angst in My Pants (1982).

Don't play that riff
Don't play that riff
Don't play that riff
That takes me back
Instant weight loss

There was this girl
Black hair, so what
She called me "Fats"
But in one night
Instant weight loss

One night, one steamy night
I'd lose a kilo each hour
In ten nights, ten steamy nights
And figure a kilo each hour
Instant weight loss

Then came this guy
Some foreign name
Had chubby hands
Wore lots of chains
Instant weight loss

That's it
What's done is done
Erase the past if you can
With ice cream, with coconut pie
In less than a week I'd undone
Instant weight loss

Don't play that riff
She sang that riff
All through the night
It's coming back

I've gained an ounce
I've gained a pound
Another pound
I've gained a ton

So last July
This girl pulls up
Blonde hair, so what
She says "Hey Fats"

Instant weight loss...

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