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Don't Know Why

This song is by Sparkle and appears on the album Told You So (2000).

What's goin' on?
Tell me what's up
Do you wanna know why
This woman's fed up
People runnin' their mouth
But they don't know
I might as well changed my name to Jackie O
Drama-filled life, no privacy
Them fuckin' magazines keep lyin' on me
Sometimes I wanna fly, far, far away
But there'll be somebody there with somethin' else to say

1-I don't know why
Why you wanna talk about me
I don't know why
Why they keep on lyin' on me
I don't know
I don't know why
Scandal must be my first name
I don't know why
Somebody, tell me, who's the one to blame
I don't know

What I do with my life
Ain't nobody's biz
What I do with my time
I wish you'd let me live
See, everywhere I go
Your cameras follow me
Don't you know frames cover my eyes?
So my tears you never see
Tell me how much more
Do you think that I can take
Have the chauffeur drive me home
Paparazzi's at my gate
Try to ruin me, I ain't gonna let you do
Got a call from the Marshall firm
Somebody else wanna sue

Repeat 1

(News Reporter)
Hi, this is Busty Rhymes of Stone TV
Coming to you live in front of the Daily Center
For what could be the biggest verdict of the new millennium
State versus Sparkle
It is a complete circus of paparazzi
Waiting for one glimpse of this superstar
Guilty or not guilty is the question today
You can feel the tension surrounding this case
One moment, the verdict just in
Innocent, innocent on all counts
Sparkle, Sparkle, how does it feel to be vindicated?
(What do you think?)

Repeat 1

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