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So What

This song is by Spark.

Never letting go of all the things I made
To have and to hold so everthings o.k.
I cherish what I bought, yet I cherish what I sold
Think someday it would great to have a mansion when I'm old

So what if I ever rode a horse
So what if I ever drove a porsche
So what if my swimming pool was full of
So what pretty girls that want my number

Everyday I want to say o.k.
Running round in circles won't get lost along the way
So I guess it's not that easy cause somehow I ran astray
Need some money, need it fast, So I sold my cat for cash
So I live and so I learn
That I do not want to burn

Well if ya think this song is only seeming like it has no freakin meaning
Live a life that you can handle and me a stinking good example

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