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This song is by Spacehog and appears on the album As It Is On Earth (2013).

Oh what webs we unfold at the end of the world
Life was cruel at the end of your rifle
So with pride on my side and plans to bury you alive,
With the carnivals, clowns, and lions

All the games I had rigged, like the suicide bridge
Where I'd take you and wait for a while
All the sad long goodbyes and fake alibis
You would buy new or used, without passion

Will you one by one as the poor souls awake,
Still no sound their lips to make
As the twisted souls rise from cold, cold earth
These are fruits of all our work

So I wrote "goodbye" on the mirror by the light
It was thundering and lightning
It was the middle of the night
These are the roads we've already been down

In your imagination you see a face for love
Someone to come along with, instead of coming on and on
Is there ever anybody out there?
But your mummy didn't love you and your daddy didn't care
They left you with a good friend, left you hanging in the air
Was there was anybody out there?

Now all those frozen hours melted into time
Left with the reflection in the mirror of your mind
Sometimes you hear voices, you hear voices in your hall
You wake up and you're screaming 'cause
There's no one there at all
These are the roads that we've already been down
These are the roads that we've already been down
A horrible hardened soul
Got plenty of money, though what it's worth you just don't know

So listen to me now
This could be our shining hour, based on all that mad deceit
Horrible hearts exposed, watching as the money goes
What it's worth you just don't know
But I deceived you so long

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