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This song is by Southern Storm and appears on the album 1999 (2000).

The Southern Storm is bringing fire
Never asking who you are
Heaven's burning the children are crying
Just a piece of hope doesn't let you die
Someone's look is losing shine, someone' s look just died
Many faceless people standing 'round looking for help
I can see that one is almost dead

FIRE, frightful sound in the night
FIRE, is burning all around
FIRE, there's a fear in your eyes
FIRE, where to hide from fire

Does any one can stop the fire
The flame is still just getting higher
It's close to death but far from time
Ice in blood and fear in hearts

Up and down you can see the light
Taking lives just one by one
News are talking 'bout the hell, but the world is cold and no one cares

What kind of a helping hand people have to wait for
It's the end of hope and faith is lost

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