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You Know My Name (Remix)

This song is by South Park Mexican and appears on the album Time Is Money (2000).

South Park Mexican

I'm SPM, You Know My Name
I'm the one that came up but never changed
I make my moves, life is what you choose
I'm the one that spoke in different high schools
Stay off the streets, homeboy you'll never win
Your goin' 2 places: the graveyard or the pen
Contradictions on my chest, lot's of lipstick on my clothes.
Can we ever be stopped? Only God knows
South Park sunny side, I roll with the realest
Represent my area from Hillwood to the village
At the grocery store they used to look over my shoulder
And saw a basket full of Arm and Hammer bakin' soda
Conversation rules the nation, but in my hood
Talk is cheaper than a old wet piece of plywood
You boys is more phonier than cubic zerconia
Make you suckers pay the very day I get ahold of ya.
My name is...

South Park Mexican. [x2]

Pass the greenery, tweedle lee, tweedle la
Layin' in my spa, takin' off my Heina's bra
Me and the law, had problems in the past
They smelled my grass, but could never find my stash.
Who can it be?
It's that boy Los
I broke up with my chick 'cause my cash went up her nose
I tell you what it was & I tell ya what it is
There's 10 year old men and 50 year old kids
My flow is legendary, on the 3rd of February
I wrote this song at the old cemetery
I did my time, no sunshine
They must be gettin' bonus's for lockin' up my kind
My name is...

South Park Mexican. [x4]

You seen me and didn't believe me, now look
The World is listenin' the movement is here, the day is here!
We ain't stoppin' homey!
We just gettin' started!
I see you jealous, hateful people wishin' the worst for us!
You'll pay like the last ones did!
You'll pay this for my freedom!
We'll never be the same!
You'll never catch up!
I fight hate with love!

When I was young I used to be a shoe shiner
And work for a dime as a newspaper part-timer
Every now and then my real Dad would come around
Born and raised in Houston, A.K.A. Hustletown
My drop is on jock and my game is on lock
My attic full of automatic weapons of assault
The streets live in us, I think I broke a guinness
Last year I took the record robbin' 40 dope dealers
Dancin' with the wolves, man, my hood is jet black
But they had love for the only wet back
I got a sauna in my 80 foot bus
We don't chase paper, paper chase us
You Know My Name...

South Park Mexican. [x4]

South Park Mexican.
South Park Mexican.
South Park Mexican.
South Park Mexican.
South Park Mexican.

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