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Moham Mitchell

This song is by South Park Mexican and appears on the album Reveille Park (2002).

South Park Mexican:
I'm in a candy binz fancy lens
Fuckin' with this muthafuckin' bad ass bitch
With fat ass tits, big ol' ass
I come from the head 'cause I think so fast
I'm the 1 & not the 2
Smoke pep lepu make revenu
Oh, western you sent me cash
I make my dough & I pay the tax
I pay uncle sam, I pay my band
I buy everybody that chimmy chang
I mean chicken wang, rice and gravy
I'm a throw a chicken wing at my lady
'Cause she pissed me off with all that hate
Now she's in the closet duck taped
What's crackulatin' what's ovulatin'
I'm a do boys like ?multipaytin'?
I'm the Boss while boys gettin' fucked off
I'm a high powered people man playin' golf
Tryin' to put but still I'm thuggin'
My golf club sett cost $4500
Love it, leave it, lose it I'm a keep it
I made it in this rap game 'cause I cheated
I told my genie make my albums sell
He said you already used your 3 wishes in hell.
Remember your 1st wish behind them bars?
You wished that you could fuck the security guard?
Well, I hypnotized her and let you fuck her
You ate that bitch like she was supper
Then your 2nd wish was to fuck her again
Then your 3rd Wish was to get out the pen
Now this makes 4 but fuck it I'll do it
I'm a even have you on Steven's impruid
So even though you sound like shit and can't rap
You gon' be the biggest fuckin' rapper on the map.
You mean all that stupid shit that I write?
People gon' actually think it's tight?
That's right, plus you'll be the CEO
But stop wastin' money on this Cleo
Okay I'm a call José & tell him to call the stations never gave us no play
And see what they say maybe it'll work
And if it don't fuck it I'll make my gun squirt
Y'all should join me my skin is oily
Y'all don't want no beat, probly soy beat
No serloin I flip a coin
I saw her tits and my dick went boing
At the car show it's a 3rd annual.
I'm chillin' with my boy who Jack Daniel's
I'm mixin' with a splash of coke
My girl mad 'cause I bust a nut in one stroke
I'm a 'loc gangsta shoot 'em up killer
There's Something About Mary like Ben Stiller
I'm a Thriller chiller like to fight in maniller
I got the tooth fairy tryin' to reach under my pillow
I'm sorry I didn't know it was you
She was puttin' $10 for my daughter's tooth
I picked her up and took her to the hospital
She flew out my car I said "This is impossible!"
I got out and said "You should go to the doctor
You lost alot of blood dumb bitch I just shot ya"
She flew past a tree looked at me and said
"Y'all won't be gettin' a nickel for none of y'all's teeth"
Aw that ain't right let's make a truce
My little boy Los got 2 teeth loose
And he needs the money for a remote controlled car
I spent all my cash at the ass naked bar
So I really need you to come through with that change
I'm sorry about the dress and all the blood stains.
Oh please I'm on my knees
I'm teachin' my son his ABC's
I'm just a damn fool
I fight my pitbull
He killed a dog that belonged to Moham Mitchell
But he lost his last fight and lost his eye sight
And now my dog's blind I hope you don't mind
I know I'm dead wrong
Come from the head strong
I hit my red bong
This song is so long
I'm talkin' nonsense
On freestyle project's
So check what's on next
I love you God bless. [laugh]

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