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Goodwin Streets

This song is by South Park Mexican.

"Yo is dat nano puttin' it down! "
Blaze sweets come from da streets
Be leaving haterz in their kneez
Kick it wit real G's down for da clicka of da palmview p's
Y'all heard what I said y'all know what it is
Don't be hatin' on my rhyme 'cause you be in my list
Iam in diz mackin cheese sting like a bee fly like a bird
Hittin curb in black t-bird smokin' herb put you in da dirt
Inhale smoke and turn blue like smurf my boys be hangin' inda goodwin

"Goodwin, goodwin be riddin in gangsta buick, be flowin like fluid"

Yo I come one more time be bustin' clips of my nine
Feelin' fine got a rhyme got to get high smoke weed all night
Cry for my homies dat have died y'all rest in peace
And be on yo way to a better life
If I ain't got a gat I have a knife
Keep a eye on every carro rollin' by
It's a bitch stayin strap todo el dia
Even my tia gots a cuete when she makes tortillas
But yo know I got stay alive phools be rollin'
In my calle wit no lights and you know why
There's about to be a drive by
(Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop)

Dam nigga run and hide got to show no shiest
'Cause wit dis vatos in my hood you gonna die
So you better throw da right set
If you don't wanna hole in yo head
Fuck red, fuck dat shit
A real mex wit his tek bitch show respect
I won't regret of leaving you dead
Then I'll take yo hoe to da bed
I am down wit da goodwin shit!
(Ha, ha, hope ya lil vatos heard, is no playing
In my hood, real niggas puttin' cuetes to yo head
Everyday you got to be strap, just keep it real.
And fo all you haters, fuck you bitches, yous a hoe!"

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