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Dallas To Houston

This song is by South Park Mexican and appears on the album Reveille Park (2002).

We ain't trippin' y'all 1 damn 1 damn time.

South Park Mexican:
What the damn deal? To the Dallas Texas
Last night I had a girl with a big ass and small breastes
She was so precious, she was so 'about it
I lost my damn phone but my homeboy found it
I'm SP Mexy, girls think I'm sexy
Back in Jr. High I use to dress a little preppy
Now I'm in the benzo, with my boy Jo-Jo
With the Juan Gotti and the DJ Lobo
I'm in the hotel, smokin' that godel
Got the whole... [gunshots:] ridin' on my cotail
Sippin' on the lean, throwed methozyne
With my boy Frankie he a kumbia king
I'm a sag my jeans, down to my knees.
Can I get a hit, off the swisher man please?
I'm so alert, boys gettin' hurt
Step to the S, I'm a let my gun squirt
I got to roll with the K & no in
That's the damn home of the SPM
Oh my lord, it's such a pretty day
I love the D-Town & I think I'm gon' stay
This for my Raza, I got a beer panza
I just burned my fingers tryin' to smoke a coocaracha
Ay mama mia, rest in peace to Aaliyah
I miss you like I miss that Selena Quintanilla
Hold them up and let them go hard on the mic
I use to sell crack on a 10 speed bike.
What's up to Maria? She from Handuras
My family from Mexico they still robbin' tourists
I'm in my room, rollin' up ganja
My mom's in the kitchen, rollin' up masa
The whole metro plex, SP Mex
My boy at a photo's just gave me some X
I'm a pop one, guess it's time to get Wiggy
Guess who I saw Santa coming down my chimney
Hold 'em up man, I need to ask Rasheed.
Say muthafucker, what you put in this weed?
Smoked out in my new truck, Delux
Ask me if I'm fucked-up, pretty much
Make a hoe with the one touch, time for lunch
Let's jump in my bathtub, bubble suds
I can see with my 3rd eye, birds eye view
I got to survive, so chew
We roll with the tech 9, teflon
This sign at the times man, all wrong
My niggas in the coupe shootin' up the place
You talk shit, but never in my fuckin' face
Holla back if you can dude, murder rough
But I've only killed a hand fool, earlier
I was drunk and was on caine
Now it's 7:00 A.M. it's been a long day
I'm just tryin' to go to sleep, but I can't though
I keep seein' people lookin' in my back door
I just want to shoot in every direction
But I can't 'cause my kids is upstairs though
I look in the mirror I see Carlos
That's the cat that done lost all his marbles
I'm a go to the kitchen make some nachos
But all we got is fuckin' eggs and pot-o-toes
I got the new benz plus 2 chevey's
On 19 inch choppers they don't make 20's.
Enemies? Oh yeah man I got many
I bought a last fuckin' breath with a hot penny
I'm a serious nugga, oh it was trouble
Caught her at the club & I wooped her & I drug her
See I'm the bomb, got more hits than Chaka Chan
Smokin' ganja man, up in my amazon
Thick bitch, the only way I like them
She suck my dick while I'm playin' on my trike
Weave out of line, so refreshin'
Man they tryin' to get me for some weed possession
I'm mashin' and dashin' I ain't clashin' my lac
I'd rather let my nigga drive I'm a chill in the back
I'm a smoke Janey, the radio don't play me
Except the real niggas, the rest of y'all is ladies
Y'all should be wearin' dresses, I kick you out of Texas
I'm makin' wise investments, I bought 15 SKS's.

The hood is the hood man
It don't matter where you from or what you claim
You still get your muthafuckin' cap pealed
Fuckin' with this tight circle that my click built.

South Park Mexican:
I'm with the Marco on the damn radio
I'm a blow big, I'm a watch my babies grow
I'm a say hello, eat a bowl of jello
I sleep with my gun underneath my damn pillow
See I got to get it, I'm super like unleded
Blastin' at my own kind is something that I dreaded
But I got to do it 'cause these boys gettin' stupid
In my new crib freakin' down a college student
Original gangsta, Houston I'm a thank ya
Peace to my mama and my guardian angel
I'm a get a pager, I mean the 2 razor
I'm a hit Shilly and her homegirl Asia
I'm a hell raiser, from what the damn south
Got alot of homies in the north no doubt
I puff and pout, Hillwood what I shout
Peace to northeast in the what jail route
Call him how I see him, everyone agreein'
Ain't no way that SPM could be a human bein'
Thuggin' & I'm G-in' my car is European
Got enough snow I could probably go skiin'
I'm a throwed dude, game in a shoe
In the land where they play the crack pipe like a flute.
Man what's the dealy? Hold them making gilly
In the lac jumpin' tryin' to pop a damn willy
See I'm just Los, that's all I ever be
Y'all remember me from the what Reveille
Ex girl Beverly, A B C D
Q R S T U to the V
X to the Y & finally the Z
Man that's the end, SP to the M
Fin to go um, just ride in the wind.

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