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Brick Layers

This song is by SouthFM and appears on the album Drama Kids (2003).

Living in houses, buying the bricks that build these walls
Raising the layers, brick upon brick to make you whole
Take a look. you'll see this place is desolate
Everybody is hiding in their perfect little houses
Building from the inside with no way out
And I don't want to scare you but I think that you might like to know
That every brick you lay is just another day you spend alone
And I don't want to scare you
And I promise you that I will be brave and let them hear what you have to say
Hiding in the cracked foundations praying no one can see
Fortress ourselves in the great delusion in our animosity
Follow this assembly line until your face is undefined
Until your name is meaningless until you cannot recognize
Why you began to build this place why you started from the inside out
Why you didn't build a door for god why you didn't build a door

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