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​Becomes Apart

This song is by SouthFM and appears on the album Drama Kids (2003).

The restless crowded all around him.
39 lashes

Beneath the broken brow of posture.
Beneath the broken everything.

And these eyes
Can penetrate the laughter.
And this liquid solemns all the grin.

Hoping to find
A constant
Only to find the only constant is
We want to bring this constant change.
And this dying brings this constant change.
And we walk to bring this constant change.

Falling within the line
To take of the bread and wine.
Reminded of what
This broken posture brings
For you and me.

The restless echoing.
The broken everything.
And eyes can penetrate.
Why does this burden break.

The constant memory
Of solemn suffering
Becomes apart of me...
In footsteps following.
And I will bring this constant ...

And here's a little something that you know you should recognize.
Here's a little something that you know you should recognize.(x3)
Becomes apart of me...(x8)