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Loud Love

This song is by Soundgarden and appears…

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Loud Love
There's no time to keep it low
I've been deaf, now I want noise
You stay down
But I won't be quiet
I'll hammer on until you fight

Loud love
Loud love
Loud love
Loud love, yeah
Hammer on till you fly

If you've got some time to kill
Slow resistance wins the war
Well I know
Yeah, but that's no way to go
You can't resist the louder pull

Loud love
Loud love
Loud love
Loud love
Cant resist, loud love

All right

Well that's right
I want something to explode
I've been deaf
Now I want noise

Loud love
Yeah, loud love
Loud love
Well, loud love, oh


Written by:

Chris Cornell

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