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​Hidden Track

This song is by Soulwax.

(Rewind before "Conversation Intercom" starts to hear this)


"Uh, hi Doug!"
"Hey Allen, what's happening? Long time, no see!"
"Uh, yeah... This is true."
"Uh huh! Hey, what's that you got on the arm"
"Well I found a new album here, it's really nice. It's an album from [SOULWAX]"
"Oh yeah? Well let's play some of it."

(Song begins)

Turn on the AC,
'Cause we're coming to your town and we are hot.
If you like K.C.
And the Sunshine Band then we are not,
Exactly what you're looking for,
On that you will agree,
We'll have our moments naturally... actually.