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Deaf Humanity

This song is by Souls of Diotima and appears on the album Maitri (2011).

I have seen hands stretchin' out
Only reaching out to us
And quick footsteps of whom then
Held his fists a little more
Never to leave anything to
Who from that nothing couldn't have

She will enshroud, she will deny
Every brother who's values had been lost
She will scatter iniquity
Every horizon that before her will happen

Empty hearts roar in the dark
Wandering into vacuity
This is not my liberty
Doesn't have a value a soul that
Can't give itself to anyone
Mater terribilis knows that

The humanity will be lost
When a gap to escape there will be not
It will be lost, it will be lost
If the gates to the other will be shut

The vanity can't pay us back
Clips the wings to who flying can be not
The only truth has now been carved
In every man who thinks only for himself

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