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The Slow Fall of Death

This song is by Soulreaper and appears on the album Life Erazer (2003).


Falling away, shadows dwell
I am the born of hell
Lighten my burden, I won't resist
Their spirits unites with mine
As I bleed inside, I embrace the pain
Life vanished and forgotten

Born of evil, son of Satan
Cast me back into the fire
Stained by blood, all life ends
Feeding darkness itself

Towards a fate unknown
I find no meaning, no inner fire
Only pain, tear up the dark
I sign my fate unto you
With the blood from my veins
Grab my hand, join my soul
The slow fall of death

Bow thy head before the mighty one
And speak upon the darkest one
Abandon your body to the fallen one
And you will experience everlasting pleasure

Disciple of death
Fill me the power
Earthly feelings die

Demon - fill my heart
Demon - hear my call
Demon - end my pain

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