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Static Darkness

This song is by Soulreaper and appears on the album Life Erazer (2003).

Many shadows have gathered together
Where the dead reign alone
The pale sun caresses the open wound
As the cross falls to the ground
Empty hearts pray for forgiving
As their world falls apart
Holy preacher, crucified
Their fate too dark to behold
Let evil fly free tonight
Time went away never to return
I saw heaven's last day of delight

Demigods awake from their slumber
Servants of blasphemy
Hammer of evil crush the lambs of Christ
Virgin drained of blood

Oh, eyes of possession
Stare right through my soul
Freezing cold, their presence chills my spine
Jesus (under the sentence of death)

Somewhere in the dark
A settlement is done
A sign is given
The dark falls splendid might
I am prepared to meet my soul
And vanish into oblivion
Jesus, under the sentence of death
...The seventh angell of sin

Evil came with the wind
The stench of bodies is the smell of revenge

Starlight and stardust
Sculptures of night
Stolen pride
Static darkness

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