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Devil's Speech

This song is by Soulreaper and appears on the album Life Erazer (2003).

Demonized - darkness eternal
Rape the light - turn to black
Demonized - take control
Bound to hell - smell of death
Buried in darkness, far from the light
Demonized - Satan rise

I take control
I wrap myself in liquid fire
For you I spill my blood
Turn the page of hate - behold the horned one

Oh I praise the dark
Grip of desperation
I taste the demons demise
Behold the shades of death

Demonized - shadows in black
Rape the light - volcanic eruprion
Demonized - carnal lust
Nocturnal lust - embrzce the strength...
Bound to hell -...of the lord
Demonized -...of the lord

Unchain yourself from a false delusion
Be strong and discover the truth
For evil is lurking inside, and I will be the one to set it free
Crush the earthly limits, devastation fills my eyes
Destroy the chains that tie you down, I pray for death
As my body's being possessed... oh possessed...

Die, chained to your life...
Kneel to your god
Devil's speech seduces to all
I wave my flag of damnation
And laugh in rage as y body's being possessed

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