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This song is by Soulhead and appears on the album Naked (2006).

Romanized JapaneseEdit

SOULHEAD is back
Turn up the Radio
Wanna hear slow or fast,
Any tune from SOULHEAD

Are U ready?
There we goes the real sisters, baby
1st stage 2nd stage
Could U get our messages?
We'll go down in history...

Even if you were bad situation
Don't look down.
Keep your head up, baby.
When you had a nightmares.
(remember that words)
Bad dream is not to be.
To good dream...
It surely comes tomorrow

Think! For real...
How would it be?
Without SOULHEAD, baby
Nothing fun,
We know it would be, right?
Keep it dope Keep it deep
In the stormy night and it's all tough!
That's the way SOULHEAD do

TIG got a dope MC
Me got a what? bad flow
This is the set off SOULHEAD
All my ladies and players told you
That we were coming back
We true to the Music World
Cause we're real sisters
No explanation need
Breaking the rules and
Change the normal
Never can't stop!
We're gonna lay it down like this!

We back to the stage
Out of the cage
Kaihou sareta geiji
Buchi ya burushou mo nai image
Seji wa ira nee
Gei ni yori konomi wa atarimae
Subete kataru ni wa verse ga tari nee
Nagai chinmoku yaburi ippatsume
Tsune ni teiji suru shinkakumei
Iwaba hatsumei
Icchoushitara gakuzen to suru koto uke ai
Aita ku ga fusagara nai my rhyme
We bring the beat to this TOKYO
Mori age you kono machi no doushi yo
Doko ni ite mo sute nai itsumori yo
Hokori takaki Pride of doojin wo
We got mic Jack Production on my side
Yuitsu kono kuni de one of a kind
SOULHEAD ga tsukuri dasu oto no nation
MOCHIBEESHON ga agaru Holla-ration
Sawagu dake ga nou ja nee
Damaraseru kurai ja nee to
Tsukuri dase nai "one nation"
We make "one nation" SOULHEAD is back
We make "one nation"

Turn on the TV, there she is.
He is appearing on a cover, (so what?)
Heavy rotation
On everywhere and all situation
Vinyl Champion!
Sold Out Shows!
We're doing right.
Recognize us.
Don't try to act like critic...
Cause you talking of us without
Knowing real thing.

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