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This song is by Soulhead and appears on the album Naked (2006).

Romanized JapaneseEdit

Money don't make the people and the world
Only a witness knows everything
Force doesn't make the people and the world
Only a witness knows everything

Kimi no kachi wo nanika ga kimerun ja nakute
Kimi ga iru kara subete ni imi ga umareru no
So furi mawasareru koto naku
Wanna live for the right now
(You should know that you can
Turning your life!)

"I got to win. Make the money
And I want everything"
"Money! Money! Money!"
You said that. It's OK but
How ya feeling? for material thing
Ganbaru but,
Can you feel cool breeze?
Can you feel love?
Keep your balance, (try it)
Taisetsu na koto Don't miss it!

Marude screen wo tooshite miteru mitai
It's unreal for me
Because sugu soba ni aru my world to wa
Oo chigai hold up, please!
Rikai deki nai....
"What's wrong with the world today?"
"unreal is real" or "real is unreal"?
Just for the money?
(by force of...)
Nan no tame ni?
(do something awful...)
Someone take people away
What for...?

Now the first things that we must do...
Thinking, listen carefully,
See the true story,
Reveal the truth

Sorezore no "watashi" kara hajimaru the world
Ashita wa jibun ga kimeru mono
Jibun mo jibun ga kimereru nara Get it!
The most important thing!

For something to prove
Dare mo ga mina runnin'
Jibun ni shika wakara nai sono meaning
Mamoru nara...mirunda
Sono te no hira wo
Only a witness knows everything

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