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This song is by Soulhead and appears on the album Braided (2004).

Romanized JapaneseEdit

*From the North to the South
For all my ladies
(I sing so help me sing...oh ladies!)
(Where my ladies at?
Put your hands up ladies!
Where my ladies at?
Tell me X 2 where my ladies?)

It's a time to stand up ladies
Leave your worries
Forget your men be free again
Don't let nobody rearrange your style and know
that you are born to be star
What's my destiny Grief ni mo nita CRY
Echo through the street
Jimon jitou kuri kaeshi nagara ikiru
Te ni suru mono ga hidai suru hodo ni
I know I'm getting greedy
Livin'like this
Tate nai hodo ni tsukeru AKUSESARII
Jibun no me no iro mo wasure
I be me, nante ie nai
Dakara moto no mama wo Believe in me
Till my last Breath,
Te saguri de sagashi motomeru
ID and Place to be Peace
Before I get to long sleep,
finish my mission and I be me


(Ladies X 3 Put your hands up ladies!)
(Ladies X 3 Oh my ladies)

Don't give up before you even try it
Look at me! little
Japanese girl rap and makin'money
I've seen many trouble & struggle
Zero kara hai agaru tame ni I start rappin'
Koe wo dai ni shite Sing for all my ladies
Young Mama, Working Mama, All my ladies
Listen. You are Diamond
Migakeba hikaru genseki
Love yourself like you love your men
Don't just wait and praise your men's success
Now it's your turn to be the main
Get up! Stand up! My ladies X 2
Hadaka wo kakusazu like a virgin EVE
Sarake dashite I be me (What! X 2)
Ichizu ni tsuranuku like a Lil'kim
Itsuwarazu ni I be me (What! X 2)

Please me awake, cause
It's all in change, yeah I
do wanna see a change of everthing
And I realized,
Time's passion do my own thing
No matter what every day's a struggle
I got to be myself
You got to be yourself
I got to be myself
You got to be yourself


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