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One Wave

This song is by Soulcracker and appears on the album At Last, For You (2001).

I spent my money on a piece of land
To build a castle on a patch of sand
I know it's a bad foundation
You can't wait for my humiliation
You told me so, so many times now
And if it happens I can cry my eyes out
It's no better to be just like him
If something happens than we'll both need to swim
One wave could wash it away, yeah
The sun is green the sky is red
Or it might as well be outside your head
I stand in contradiction to the truth in your subscription
I know that what might be might not
And being holy might just be dry rot
And even though you built on a big rock
There's not a nail in the house that you got
You keep on lying to yourself
But you're just as scared as everyone else
Not to say that I'm not scared too
But you're the one who's telling me what I should do
Just pretend there's a god above you
And you can turn him into someone who loves you
And if you keep him just beyond you
You got a faith for people to hold onto

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