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This song is by Soul In Sadness and appears on the album ZwischenWelt (2008).

(Music: Tedtke / lyrics: Siegl)

Can you see the twisted image?
Can you see the twilight scene?
Do you dare to break the glasses?
Do you care for what you see?

All the thoughts - you made them die.
All the subjects - you made them cry!

Get up your bones, go to the mirror,
Lock up the door, open your eyes and die!

Can you see the blood on your hands?
Can you see? The walls are rushing in!
Do you feel the joy of murder?
Can you feel the psycho in your mind?

While she died you told yourself "Stop it"!
While she cried you told yourself "It's not real"!
You awake and you're the victim.
Take a break - and stop it! Now!

Look a the visions - the visions kill you!
Look at the image, it tells you what's behind,
Look at your hands, your fingers temble.
Look at the visions, your eyes just make you blind!