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This song is by Soul In Sadness and appears on the album ZwischenWelt (2008).

(Music: Friedrich / lyrics: Siegl)

Light hurts in my eyes and the room is much too small
No one hears me cry and the wall laughs at me.
No breath in my chest, there's never enough air to breathe.
Hidden, so no one can see, I am trapped again.

Light hurts in my eyes, colours burst and shades erase.
Cold taste fingertips and not able to release.
Windows closed and black, night and day seems all the same.
Hidden, so no one can see in my deadnettlepan.

Walls are getting close and my mind feels dumb and sick.
No more images! Mechanical self-destruction!
Life flows easily when you tell your heart to stop.
Hidden, so no one can see, I fall down again.

Sometimes I fell like the world outside might not exist,
Every scream is swallowed in my lungs.
And I feel like today I woke up dead again.
No one can tear me out.

Sometimes I feel like the world outside runs much too fast,
Every thought is swallowed in my mind.
I wake up and I only see my deadnettlepan.
No one can tear me out.