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Monster Man

This song is by Soul Coughing and appears on the album El Oso (1998).

This song has been covered by Mike Doughty under the title "Monster Man".
Stop hitching with the monster man.
It was a bad plan, but I had to get to town.
Unbitten, but the way I found it was a hand came down,
And pow! -- I got illuminated.

That's why I have got my mind in my own.
Hand over the wave, hand over the water.
The realest of the real...
It's like the burnout said -- phenomenon.

To the ruder bar in a Buddha-plump van.
It was a stamped can, it was a clamor.
Understanding, and all you people jumping but we raised the bar,
You're dumber than a box of rocks. Give up, star.

The inscrutable, the irrefutable,
The illegible, the indisputable.
The undisputed... makes me go on a dig.


Music by:

Soul Coughing

Lyrics by:

Mike Doughty

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