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Maybe I'll Come Down

This song is by Soul Coughing and appears on the album El Oso (1998).

This song has been covered by Mike Doughty under the title "Maybe I'll Come Down".
I need time to scrounge the rent, need time to contemplate the accident.
I got to drag my ass to now... how did I come to stop here?
And, well, I knew the gas was gone but I had to rev the motor.
Pull back the hand - - you might get it cut off in the rotor.

Maybe I'll come down.

She's on Loretta's turf, she's on Loretta's side.
She's in a better state, she feels a better fire.
And, well, I dreamed a great parade, shooting all the guns in Brooklyn.
The man who had a spare held out two and then you took one.

Maybe I'll come down.

Freezer burn; all else is only icing.

Music by:

Soul Coughing

Lyrics by:

Mike Doughty

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